Quantity: 10 seeds
Scoville Units: 500 ~ 2500

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The Anaheim chili originates from New Mexico and found its way from there to Anaheim, California. There it was widely grown. The pepper is medium hot, has a thin fruitwall and growths thinner to the point. The Anaheim is an easy plant, which have a good harvest in 70-90 days. The pods can be 15 cm long or even longer. Because of its medium heat, the peppers are used for different purposes. They can either be eaten green or red (hotter when red). The pods are often left on the plant until they have a leather-like structure. Then they’re dried in the sun and grounded into powder, called Chile Colorado. The green chili is great for salsas and Tex-Mex dishes. Anaheim is good eaten fresh, dried and baked.

Species: Capsicum Anuum

Name: Anaheim

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